I love movies.

As the title says, I love movies. Most kinds. My interests can be eclectic, but mainly my interests lie mostly in Action, Science Fiction, Horror, and Comedies. Some of my favorite movies of all time include: It’s a Wonderful Life, Big Trouble in Little China, Them!, The Thing, and The Princess Bride.

Movies are entertainment. The only thing I expect out of them is to be entertained. I have a very large margin for my suspension of disbelief, and a great tolerance for plot holes, bad writing, poor acting, special effect failures – just so long as there is something entertaining about the movie (Warning! This link may suck hours out of your day!). As you have probably guessed by now, I love B-rated movies (and worse). SyFy channel movies are some of my favorites – along with MST3K. So, come along for the ride as I talk about movies and be sure to bring your popcorn.

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