About me.

About me. Well, what can I say about myself that doesn’t sound pretentious or self-aggrandizing? I guess the basics are best. I’m male, middle-aged chronically, and stuck between childish and adolescent mentally. I’m a cynic, pessimist, and a touch optimistic. Oh, and I can be rather lazy and sluggish when it comes to updates and such – the timing between this entry and when I created this blog being a prime example.

I have strong opinions about what I believe; and while I’m not afraid to speak my mind and defend what I believe in, I am also smart enough to realize that I don’t know everything and am open to opposing opinions and beliefs – so long as those I debate/discuss the various subjects with are the same way. Nothing will end a conversation more quickly that a closed mind and an open mouth.

I enjoy (and will write about) reading, writing, movies, and games (all kinds). I have other interests which may make their appearance when and if I decide to say something about them. This blog will be mostly about these, with occasional forays into other subjects that catch my attention or interest. I welcome all comments and am willing to discuss anything here that I haven’t closed to responses. Just keep in mind to have an open mind.

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